NEW! NSF Equivalent Machines Have Arrived

Our company prioritizes our commitment to supplying the most premium quality products. With the exponential growth in consciousness for food and safety sanitation, we are now offering UL EPH Classified sealing machines. Our sealing machines are NSF Equivalent and meet environmental and public health standards, undergoing product testing and routine inspections to verify products continue to comply with standards.

Sealing machines are ideal for any business that sells beverages. They are fundamental in ensuring drinks stay safe and sealed. Making the switch to NSF Equivalent sealing machines contributes to being more sustainable because replacing disposable plastic lids with sealing films reduces plastic waste.

What is NSF?

NSF is the National Sanitation Foundation, which is an independent public health and safety organization whose influence and rigorous standards assist in developing public health regulations. The NSF is dedicated to assist in preventing health code violations and improving reputations of establishments by certifying foodservice equipment and products. NSF also strives to educate about public health all across the globe and prioritizes protecting and improving human life.

Using NSF listed products is highly recommended for all types of businesses. The NSF certification assures products are safe, credible, and reliable to use. Purchasing NSF equivalent products are guaranteed to meet health codes and contribute a key factor toward success for your business.

What is UL Solutions?

In the last 30 years, UL has continued to assess and certify the sanitary design and construction of commercial food equipment. UL Solutions are global leaders for applied safety science with the goal to transform safety, security, and sustainability challenged into opportunities for customers in over 100 countries.

UL EPH Classified products are used for products complying with NSF standards and other food equipment hygiene codes and requirements. The UL Certification Marks serve as a recognized symbol of trust in products and reflect an unwavering commitment to advancing their safety mission. UL EPH certifications are also compliant with UL and NSF standards.

UL EPH Classified

Why Purchase NSF Equivalent UL EPH Classified Sealing Machine?

Sealing machines are an essential for beverage establishments to keep all types of drinks secured. They’re generally found in bubble tea shops and help keep both cold and hot drinks safe. These sealing machines offer a leak-resistant and faster alternative to regular lids and use less plastic. The sealing firms provide a spill-proof cover, which creates an airtight seal that guarantees the perfect blend for beverages that require to be shaken. NSF Equivalent sealing machines are also space-savers and meet all public health standards.

To purchase your own NSF Equivalent Sealing Machine for your business, contact your sales representative.

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