Karat Earth® – Now Available in Hawaii

Karat® by Lollicup™ has a manufacturing and distributing facility in Hawaii to accommodate the constant increase in demand for environmentally friendly products. This warehouse carries strictly all eco-friendly products, making it easily accessible to service businesses located on the islands. We are now able to accommodate reduced shipping costs and a faster processing time to local chain owners.

Karat® by Lollicup™ has been producing compostable products since 2007 and has over 15 years of experience in promoting and developing eco-friendly foodservice essentials. We strive to be sustainable and are committed to helping the environment. Our Karat Earth® brand is plant-based and is dedicated to offering products that are recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.

The warehouse holds select Karat Earth® products such as:

  • CPLA Utensils
  • PLA Utensils
  • PLA Straws
  • PLA Cups
  • PLA Lids (Compatible with all cold cups)
  • Bagasse Hinged Containers
  • Bagasse Plates
  • Bagasse Bowls
  • Paper Napkins

Custom print is available for select items.

Contact your sales representative directly to purchase products through our Hawaiian distributor.

For more information about Karat Earth®, visit this page.

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