Seasonal Syrups with 1883 Maison Routin

Winter has some of the best and most comforting flavors that bring warmth and joy to the season and get you into the holiday spirit. Wintertime is the perfect time to cultivate beverages with a combination of different ingredients. Whether you own a café, coffee shop, or a bar, syrups are a convenient and simple way to add flavor to any concoction.

For over 130 years 1883 Maison Routin has excelled in the field of beverage flavoring. Originating in the heart of the French Alps, 1883 syrups are incomparable in their commitment to flavor authenticity, purity of taste, and aromatic intensity achieved through the expert selection of the most superb ingredients available.

Seasonal Syrups

1883 ensures the best quality for all your beverage needs and to spruce up your menus. Each and every syrup is curated with carefully selected ingredients, 100% cane sugar, and pure water from the French Alps.

1. Almond

• A delicate orgeat aroma with a subtly sweet, silky almond flavor.

2. Caramel

• Has aromatic notes of candied caramel and intense buttery, vanilla, and caramelized sugar notes that create a full-bodied and well-balanced flavor.

3. Chocolate

• Rich in cocoa taste with an irresistible aroma of melted chocolate.

4. Cinnamon

• A spicy and sweet flavor with hints of pepper and a sweet woody fragrance.

5. Eggnog

• Captures the authentic spiced eggnog aroma with a custard-like flavor that’s rich and silky with notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and rum.

6. Gingerbread

• Incorporates the irresistible spice cake aroma combined with the taste of molasses, cinnamon, and hints of ginger, reminiscent of a traditional gingerbread.

7. Green Apple

• A natural flavor with a high level of acidity that fades to a crisp green apple finish and contains actual green apple and lemon juices from concentrate.

8. Orange

• Contains actual orange juice and has a sweet and tangy naval orange flavor with an authentic fresh orange scent.

9. Peppermint

• An intense, fresh peppermint aroma with a sweet lingering cool, menthol-like flavor.

10. Pomegranate

• An exotic citrus-floral scent with hints of red berries and grape with a taste that’s slightly sweet with a crisp, earthy fruit flavor and notes of dry red wine.

11. Roasted Hazelnut

• A subtly sweet, faintly fruity, raw nut taste similar to a fine Italian hazelnut liqueur but without the alcohol and a fresh, earthy hazelnut aroma with hints of vanilla.

12. Toasted Marshmallow

• A delicious, toasted marshmallow aroma that has a rich flavor of vanilla marshmallow cream with subtle toasted notes.

13. Toffee Crunch

• A cocoa and caramel with a nutty finish flavor and toffee aroma with hints of chocolate and sweet caramel.

14. Vanilla

• An aromatic profile that emphasizes the characteristic sweet round notes of bourbon vanilla bean with a sweet, smooth, and intensely flavorful taste.

15. White Chocolate

• A rich, buttery-smooth white chocolate flavor with an irresistible aroma of white chocolate.

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