Partner Highlight: Innovating Since 1996 with MOCAFE™

Beverage trends are incessantly shifting and evolving. Consumers are influenced by what they see on social media and are seeking unique flavors that are made to order and delicious. Using MOCAFE™ products makes it convenient for business owners to have menus that stand out and stay up to date with all the latest trends.

MOCAFE™ guarantees beverages to be top notch quality. They strive to produce the best and highest quality in the market, which is why they are the trusted brand leader in over 30 countries. MOCAFE™ ensures your coffee and tea bar will have a versatile menu filled with endless flavor combinations for lattes, frappes, coffees, and smoothies. Their products are carefully formulated and blended to be the best in class, with an emphasis on providing consumers with the best price to quality ratio.

Leading Coffee House Brand Since 1996

MOCAFE™ is owned by parent company, Innovative Beverage Concepts, and has been around since 1996. In the past 25 years, they have helped global hotel chains, independent cafés, and everyone in between simplify operations and increase revenue of coffee sales. The company is headquartered in Irvine, CA and manufactures all their products in the USA. MOCAFE™ has developed around one hundred high quality, award winning, innovative café beverages used by professionals globally.

MOCAFE™ assures quality by undergoing vigorous Food Safety and Quality Control and their manufacturers have set up Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP Programs. They strive to help coffee and tea bars to be successful and offer resources to help you start your professional barista journey.

High Quality Product Line

MOCAFE™ uses only the purest ingredients such as cocoas, vanillas, coffees, and teas with a wide range of products packaged in both foodservice and retail configurations. Using their products allows café owners to create expansive menus that rivals even the biggest corporate coffee chains.

Their line of products sold on Lollicup Store include:

  • Iced Blended Frappes

The Caramel Frappe Mix is expertly crafted and blended with premium ingredients, including Colombian coffee. This frappe will create an addictive flavor sensation and add quality to your blended beverage menus.

  • Matcha Green Tea

The Matcha Green Tea Frappe Mix is a gourmet quality blend with a genuine taste of real shade grown Japanese matcha green tea. It’s perfect for any green tea variation, blended or iced.

  • Chai Teas

There are two flavors of chai tea, Spiced Chai and Vanilla Chai. Both are authentic and naturally intoxicating blends made up of fresh ginger, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, wildflower honey, and estate grown Darjeeling black tea.

  • Thai Tea Latte

The Thai Tea Latte is a top best seller. It offers a creamy cool blend of bold black tea and exotic fragrant spices to make a delicious and original Thai iced tea. It can also be blended, making a tasty base for bubble tea.

  • Zen Freeze Smoothie Mix

The Coconut Zen Freeze Smoothie Mix makes a perfect non-coffee alternative for consumers who seek a caffeine-free beverage option or just want something different. This mixture also pairs well as a boba base or as a shaken tea latte.

MOCAFE™’s Charcoal Mocha

MOCAFE™ has expanded their product line, releasing two brand new flavors – Charcoal Mocha and Choux Crème. Contact your sales rep to place a special order for these new products.

For a chance to win full sized products, attend our beverage training webinar on Thursday, July 28th at 10:00AM Pacific. You can register here.

Enhance your menu and purchase MOCAFE™ products here.

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